If you’re taking cannabis for medical reasons, you’re hoping to use cannabinoids to relieve your symptoms. Ultimately, you want to get better. On the other hand, as a recreational user, your main goal would be to take cannabis for its euphoric effects.

With dispensaries popping up in every street corner, does it make sense to supplement our medical cannabis prescription with recreational alternatives? Our healthcare practitioners strongly advise against this if getting better is your primary goal.

At our clinics, a physician provides you with a prescription to obtain medical cannabis from a dedicated licensed producer (LP). In addition, you have medical support from our clinics–virtually and in person.

Here are distinct advantages to using your LP to obtain your cannabis:

  • For LPs and your practitioners, improving your health is a priority
  • Your insurance may have coverage for medical cannabis
  • Medical cannabis is claimable as a medical expense at tax season
  • Most LPs offer compassionate pricing
  • If you’re a veteran, you’re covered
  • You’re a patient; we value your time

Improving your health is a priority for LPs and healthcare providers 

When choosing to introduce a new drug into your healthcare regime, there are specific factors to consider. The effectiveness of cannabis and the method/dosage of its consumption could be impacted by:

  • Your health history
  • Current health concerns
  • Other prescription drugs
  • Your lifestyle or occupation

Staff at dispensaries can provide information for educational purposes only. They cannot diagnose. Nor can they treat conditions, prescribe additional tests or X-rays like your cannabis Revolution physician can. 

Your health should always be a priority, and this is why we strongly recommend scheduling a free medical cannabis consultation with a doctor before trying cannabis out.

Your insurance may have coverage for medical cannabis

As research continues to support the use of cannabis for a plethora of conditions, more insurance companies are providing coverage. 

Many plans offer coverage to specific conditions or through your Health Spending Account (HSA). Alberta Blue Cross, for instance, can provide coverage on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to check the details of your insurance plan to see what is and is not covered. As part of your support, we can contact your insurance company for you.

Medical cannabis is claimable as a medical expense on your tax return

Keep your LP receipts for tax season.

If your insurance provider does not offer coverage, you can claim medical cannabis costs on your tax return. The Government of Canada lists medical cannabis as an eligible medical expense on its website.

You can claim your sales receipts from your medical cannabis on your income tax return under Line 330 (Medical expenses for self, spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children born in 1997 or later).

Patients seeking to claim cannabis costs must provide a medical document from their healthcare provider to be eligible.

Compassionate Pricing

Most LPs offer compassionate pricing to help patients afford medical cannabis.

Most offers eligible patients up to a 20% discount depending on their financial situation. In addition, we can guide all patients through the process of applying for Compassionate Pricing Programs.

Veteran’s Medical Cannabis Coverage

Our clinics’ team and most LPs work directly with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). Including verifying coverage and arranging direct billing. We want our veterans to have a seamless experience and to make sure they feel supported.

VAC will cover the cost of $8.50 per gram. And participating LPs offer cost coverage on the difference.

As our patient, we value your time

When visiting a local cannabis dispensary, you are a customer in a retail setting. As such, you may encounter common shopping headaches like long lines or your desired product being out of stock. 

When you schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, your time is our top priority. We also work closely with your LP to ensure the best cannabis for your unique health needs are available and delivered to your door as soon as possible.

Still unsure if medical cannabis is a good fit for you?

The best way to know if medical cannabis would be a helpful addition to your healthcare regime is to book a telemedical consultation with a physician at one of our medical cannabis clinics in Calgary, Edmonton, or Grand Prairie. With the convenience of telemedicine, we are now able to treat patients outside of Alberta.

Your appointment is free and covered by your provincial health plan. Before your medical consultation with one of our physicians, you will be educated on how medical cannabis works in our body and how it reacts to our endocannabinoid system.

During your education session with a Cann-Expert, you will learn:

  1. The main differences between an Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strain
  2. Benefits of THC, CBD, and Balanced strains
  3. Our unique Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS)
  4. The timing of inhalation vs ingestion

At the time of your consultation, your Revolution Medical Cannabis doctor will review your medical history and ensure that cannabis will not conflict with any medications you’re currently taking.

Our Calgary, Grand Prairie, and Edmonton medical cannabis doctors will then prescribe the best treatment plan for you. Our team will guide you in selecting a licensed producer as well as the registration.

Schedule your free medical cannabis consultation with a Revolution physician today