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I’m pleased to be working with Revolution Medical Cannabis as an Educator and Operations Lead. My professional career started with marketing, communications and then moved into Change Management for Alberta Health assisting over 130 clinics in southern Alberta. My journey with cannabis started 10 years ago as I used highly concentrated THC on skin cancer and saw miraculous results. This led to an educator position and now into clinical operations. 

I love to travel, be in nature, and enjoy family time. I’ve lived and studied in countries abroad exploring various cultures and am always learning about the world in which we live!


I have always been passionate about human services, health and wellness as well as conscientious living. Graduating from the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Ecology, I approach my career and personal life from a Human Ecologist mentality.

In 2016, my sister was involved in a critical accident resulting in a life-altering injury that I witnessed and experienced immense trauma from. I discovered medicinal cannabis as an alternative option to replace her opioid medication in order to manage her pain as well as our PTSD symptoms. Read more…


Though being born and raised in Calgary, my true passion is travelling. I hope to move to Europe one day and relocate to a new place each year. Other loves are my kitten Stanley, baking with cannabis, and taking trips to the nearby mountains. 

I dabbled in the English program at U of C but I was quick to realize it wasn’t my true calling and I began working as a receptionist at a cannabis clinic instead. This change fueled my love for plant medicine and helping others. It also helped me to realize that I could get a job in this industry by applying myself. I moved my way up to the title of Lead Educator at the said clinic for over a year, while I trained the staff of nine other Educators prior to switching to Revolution Medical Cannabis.

I have obtained 3 certificates completing the DoaneX Cannabis: Seeds to Needs Program. I’ve also received 2 certificates from Harvard and credits with the American Medical Association for online courses relating to the American FDA, the opioid crisis, and drug marketing.


Born and raised in Grande Prairie, I had the privilege of working with in my hometown for over 15 years. I graduated from the LPN program through NLC/GPRC (after my gap year) in 2005, and have worked in our local hospital, LTC homes, Assisted Living facilities, and even some rural and surgical nursing over the course of my career. 

Following a severe back injury peripartum with endless doctor visits that led to no relief, I was left dependent, frustrated, and depressed. The whole experience with chronic pain brought me to have a passion for medical cannabis.

As well as Medical Cannabis education I also assist in the main operations of a Private Mobile Foot Care company as a foot care nurse. I love having the opportunity to continue to educate those in my hometown on the medical benefits of cannabis.

In my non-working time, I’m a mother, fiance, and horror movie connoisseur.


I’ve been in the medical cannabis industry for 3 years, and it has been a life-changing experience as a cannabis educator. I’ve learned so much and it’s uplifting to be helping guide our patients to a better quality of life.


One of my favourite things about my role as a Nurse Educator at the Britannia Medical Clinic is listening to patient’s stories. I enjoy providing much-needed education about cannabis and dispelling myths.

As a supportive living facility nurse, I would love to see more doctors embracing cannabis for seniors as a valid and effective treatment for things like arthritis and nerve pain. Many exciting things are being discovered about cannabis, and it’s a joy to be a part of an ever-expanding and developing field of medicine.

Ali Oonwala, B.Sc. Pharm.

Co-founder & President

“I started RevCan mainly to help improve the quality of life of opioid -dependent patients and to be able to give a positive impact on their daily struggles.”

In pursuit of helping opioid-dependent patients, Calgary-based pharmacist, Ali Oonwala, started Revolution Medical Cannabis.

It began with witnessing the suffering of many of Ali’s patients in his downtown Calgary pharmacy. Through medical cannabis, he believes he can help make a positive impact on the daily struggles of Calgarians by giving a safer alternative.

In addition to catalyzing cannabis’s role in the opioid crisis, a huge sports fan himself, Ali believes that CBD can have a positive impact on sports medicine and chronic pain.

Helping to deflate the stigma around cannabis and encourage research, Ali’s vision and actions educate the public on the difference between recreational and medical cannabis.

Ali’s philosophy of total wellness is to have a sense of balance in one’s life and social environment. This to him is as vital as nutrition, exercise, and medicine. This is why at Revolution Medical Cannabis, our medical professionals and educators strive to relate to you beyond the patient/clinician relationship. Because of Ali’s philosophy of total wellness, our Calgary and Edmonton medical cannabis clinics take pride in their commitment to listening carefully to the issues and struggles of your life.

Ali Oonwala graduated from the University of Alberta School of Pharmacy in 2002. After practicing in Seattle for several years, he returned home to Calgary.

Dr. Riyaan Hassen, M.D.

Co-founder & Leading Doctor

“My greatest satisfaction is helping people overcome their dependence on prescription drugs.”

Patients and health practitioners alike describe Dr. Hassen as progressive and incredibly compassionate. His dedication to offering personalized medical care that focuses on the overall well-being of the family and the individual doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dr. Hassen believes that you should leave his offices a little happier than when you came in. It’s with this philosophy that he started his family practice Revolution Medical Clinic, and now Revolution Medical Cannabis.

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