Meet the Team

Dr. Riyaan Hassen, M.D.

Co-founder & Leading Physician

“My greatest satisfaction is helping people overcome their dependence on prescription drugs.”

Patients and health practitioners alike describe Dr. Hassen as progressive and incredibly compassionate. His dedication to offering personalized medical care that focuses on the overall well-being of the family and the individual doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dr. Hassen believes that you should leave his offices a little happier than when you came in. It’s with this philosophy that he started his family practice Revolution Medical Clinic, and now Revolution Medical Cannabis.

Dr. Ewa Wysocki


We are thrilled to announce the addition of our newest physician in Calgary, Dr. Ewa Wysocki. Dr. Wysocki has previously worked at TCN clinics.


I’m pleased to be working with Revolution Medical Cannabis as an Educator and Operations Lead. My professional career started with marketing, communications and then moved into Change Management for Alberta Health assisting over 130 clinics in southern Alberta. My journey with cannabis started 10 years ago as I used highly concentrated THC on skin cancer and saw miraculous results. This led to an educator position and now into clinical operations. 

I love to travel, be in nature, and enjoy family time. I’ve lived and studied in countries abroad exploring various cultures and am always learning about the world in which we live!

Ali Oonwala, B.Sc. Pharm.

Co-founder & President

“I started RevCan mainly to help improve the quality of life of opioid -dependent patients and to be able to give a positive impact on their daily struggles.”

In pursuit of helping opioid-dependent patients, Calgary-based pharmacist, Ali Oonwala, started Revolution Medical Cannabis.

It began with witnessing the suffering of many of Ali’s patients in his downtown Calgary pharmacy. Through medical cannabis, he believes he can help make a positive impact on the daily struggles of Calgarians by giving a safer alternative.

In addition to catalyzing cannabis’s role in the opioid crisis, a huge sports fan himself, Ali believes that CBD can have a positive impact on sports medicine and chronic pain.

Helping to deflate the stigma around cannabis and encourage research, Ali’s vision and actions educate the public on the difference between recreational and medical cannabis.

Ali’s philosophy of total wellness is to have a sense of balance in one’s life and social environment. This to him is as vital as nutrition, exercise, and medicine. This is why at Revolution Medical Cannabis, our medical professionals and educators strive to relate to you beyond the patient/clinician relationship. Because of Ali’s philosophy of total wellness, our Calgary and Edmonton medical cannabis clinics take pride in their commitment to listening carefully to the issues and struggles of your life.

Ali Oonwala graduated from the University of Alberta School of Pharmacy in 2002. After practicing in Seattle for several years, he returned home to Calgary.

Colleen LaForge-Griebel

Cannabis Educator
Revolution Medical Cannabis (Edmonton- DX medical)

Meet Colleen! She’s a former teacher with a passion for educating others on the benefits of medical cannabis. Colleen became interested in cannabis medicine after her own experience with trigeminal neuralgia. Since then, she has helped countless people take charge of their own healing and is dedicated to helping her patients find the best products at the best price.

In addition to her work as a cannabis educator, Colleen enjoys being in the forest, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering for the Surprise Lake Society.

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