Revolution Medical Cannabis takes pride in its team of physicians who are experts in prescribing and facilitating medical cannabis for patients. We are thrilled to announce the addition of our newest physician in Calgary, Dr. Ewa Wysocki. Dr. Wysocki has previously worked at TCN clinics.

We’re honored to have  Dr. Ewa Wysocki’s extensive experience and expertise on board.

About Dr. Ewa Wysocki

Dr. Ewa Wysocki is not a new face in the world of medical cannabis. For years, she has been at the forefront, providing patients with the compassionate care they need to manage various health conditions. As a recognized name in medical cannabis in Calgary and all of Alberta, Dr. Ewa Wysocki brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to our clinic.

Personalized Care for Our Community

For those who have had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Ewa Wysocki in her previous clinics, you already know the level of commitment and care she offers. Dr. Ewa Wysocki’s approach to patient care is individualized and always centered around your unique needs.

Staying Ahead in the World of Medical Cannabis

With the rapidly evolving landscape of medical cannabis, having professionals like Dr. Ewa Wysocki on our team ensures that we stay ahead of the curve. She’s been actively involved in various research projects, workshops, and conferences, ensuring that she brings the latest and most effective treatments to our patients.

Join Us in Welcoming Dr. Ewa Wysocki

To our existing patients at Revolution Medical Cannabis, and to the loyal patient base of Dr. Ewa Wysocki from her previous clinics, we are excited about the enhanced services and the added expertise that this partnership will bring.

We invite you to book your next appointment and experience firsthand the exceptional care provided by Dr. Ewa Wysocki.