Medical cannabis for Seniors

Same day pick up for medical cannabis is now available in Calgary

Manage the symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, glaucoma, loss of appetite, neuropathy, sleep disorders, providing comfort in palliative care and even nausea and other side effects from Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Virtual or visit 10+ locations across Alberta
Coverage with Blue Cross available
Canada-wide tele-health services
Medically-supervised cannabis treatment specific to veterans
Safe alternative to traditional medicine
Advocacy for Veterans’ health

Natural. Safe alternative.
Advocating for your health.

Medical cannabis is highly supported to help manage and control symptoms associated with various physical ailments and mental health disorders, particularly those most frequently experienced by Canada’s Veteran population. Speak with one of our cannabis doctors to learn how you can use medical marijuana to control a wide array of conditions, including:

Palliative Care

The use of medical cannabis in palliative care is something that isn’t discussed enough. Although the primary reason for cannabis use among most patients stems from pain management, this recent study conducted in Israel on over 3,000 cancer patients revealed:

Symptom Improval:
✔Sleep (70.8%)
✔Fatigue (55.9%)
✔Anxiety/Depression (74.1%)

Patients reporting good quality of life increased to 69.5% from 18.7%. 36% of patients stopped using opioids. <20% discontinued cannabis treatment, of which 19.3% stopped due to side effects.

This means that cannabis based medicines (CBM) could be an important part of palliative care for patients with cancer and other conditions that require multi-symptom relief.

You don’t have to smoke cannabis to feel the benefits

There are many ways to consume cannabis that do not involve smoking it. These different methods of consumption, along with the dosage and strain of the cannabis, will vary from patient to patient depending on their unique health concerns. Some of the common methods include:

Oral ingestion (capsules, edibles and tinctures)

Topically (creams, salves and patches)

About Revolution Medical Cannabis

Revolution Medical Cannabis was founded by physicians and pharmacists who’ve helped patients for more than 20 years. Our team is thrilled to supplement patient care with a safe, natural alternative to traditional medicine. Let us support you with all your medication needs.

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Receive care from medical cannabis experts

From our cannabis educators to our medical and support staff, the team at Revolution Medical Cannabis is committed to providing seniors with the best possible care. Trust our team to help you find the right dosage and schedule to treat your symptoms effectively.

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Becoming a patient

Book your first appointment with the Revolution Medical Cannabis team to determine if medical cannabis is a good fit for you. You’ll meet with a cannabis educator to walk you through the benefits of using medical cannabis and treatment options, as well as a physician who will go over your symptoms with you to determine your candidacy. If you choose to move forward, we’ll work with you to select a Licensed Producer (LP) and place your first prescription order.

How it Works

Step 1

Schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Revolution Medical Cannabis.

Step 2

Meet with a cannabis educator and medical cannabis physician to discuss your symptoms and candidacy for medical cannabis.

Step 3

Receive your prescription and place your free order with an LP. Receive your medical cannabis via mail. Same day pick up now available in Calgary for select products.

Step 4

Attend an in-person or telehealth appointment within three months to follow up with our medical cannabis team.

Frequently asked questions

Will my benefits cover a medical cannabis prescription?

Medical cannabis is now covered in insurance plans offered by many companies*. Eligibility is often dependent on your specific plan and medical condition being treated.

*Insurance coverage is always changing, ensure you contact your provider directly for the most up to date coverage information.

Is medical cannabis safe?

Medical cannabis can be a completely safe treatment option for a variety of conditions. Our experienced physician will discuss your symptoms, conditions, and current medications with you in your initial consultation to ensure that cannabis is safe for you.

Do I need a doctor referral for my first appointment?

No, a referral from your primary care physician isn’t necessary but it is recommended that you discuss your interest in medical cannabis with them prior to your first visit.

Schedule Your Next-Day Appointment

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