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Are you managing patients experiencing chronic pain syndromes with high dose narcotics?

Would it be beneficial to your patients to reduce narcotic doses required to manage their pain?

Do you manage patients with chronic anxiety where traditional medications have not worked or have caused intolerable side effects?

Are you managing patients with severe insomnia, who cannot sleep without taking benzodiazepines or so-called ‘Z-drugs?’

Medical cannabis could be helpful in managing these challenging conditions.

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Plant focused progress

Since the recent national legalization of cannabis, its healing properties have been a hot topic in the medical community.

With increasing use by the general public, more and more physicians are recommending cannabis as medicine for their patients. Many patients already use marijuana from unregulated sources to self-medicate for many of these conditions; our aim is to improve patient safety by connecting these patients to licenced producers.

Every year since 2014, medical cannabis use in Canada has tripled.

Alberta currently uses more medical cannabis than any other province, with approximately 1.7% of the population filling prescriptions.

Why patients should go medical

1. Support and Cannabis Guidance
The greatest difference patients can experience when pursuing medical cannabis is the support and guidance they receive from a clinical team.

At Revolution Medical Cannabis locations, we not only have trained doctors but educators who are always a phone call away for patients. Educators are able to help patients from the moment they’re considering cannabis for their health to finding a licensed producer that suits their needs.

As medical professionals, we have the ability to create a customized plan for individual patients. The variety of cannabis products available can be overwhelming, but we can help determine dosage, strain, and method of ingestion that will best treat each patient and their specific health needs.

2. Cannabis can conflict with prescriptions and medical conditions

Medical history and current prescriptions can affect the benefits and outcomes of medical cannabis. It is important for prospective medical cannabis users to understand that these factors can impact their experience.

3. Accessibility to Medical Cannabis Supply

Accessibility is another major benefit of medical cannabis. Through licensed producers, continued availability to products can be a major plus for those healing through this powerful plant. If Canadians choose to purchase strains and products from local shops, they run the risk of having to constantly adjust their regime to accommodate the stock available on their date of purchase.

4. Price, Tax, and Insurance Advantage

Finally, there is a financial benefit to choosing medical cannabis. The products are more stable in price, and some insurance companies are exploring the options for covering medical cannabis prescriptions.

Patients may also be able to write off certain medical cannabis purchases from their taxes, granted they have a prescription and go through the correct channels to acquire their cannabis.

Refer a patient

We accept referrals from other physicians and health practitioners.

Rest assured that when you refer your patient to a Revolution Medical Cannabis clinic, they will be well taken care of by our team of experts.

Our Story

Our team consists of educators and medical experts that not only provide medical marijuana access, but educate doctors on how to better care for their patients.

Revolution Medical Cannabis was founded on the determination to offer patients more than just access to medical marijuana.

Patients are currently still on waiting lists, prolonging treatment until they can be educated by medical professionals on how cannabinoids can improve their quality of life. We wanted to shrink that gap of patient to doctor access, and to also educate doctors on how they can better manage their patients with this natural form of treatment.

Our physicians have been prescribing medical cannabis in Canada since the inception of…